vgmstream plugin

By: kode54

This component decodes streamed formats from hundreds of game console, PC, and mobile game audio formats.

Current version: r1050-3280-gba405509, released on 2020-09-27

Change log:

  • Add HCA keys [Kandagawa Jet Girls (PC), Re:Zero (Mobile)]
  • Add ADX key [Mirai Nikki (PSP)]
  • Fix some .awb/acb names
  • Fix .txth subfiles with subsongs
  • Fix some .xwb and cleanup [Crackdown (X360)]
  • Fix SWAV description
  • Fix FFmpeg subsongs always playing first
  • Add old .xwv [Lost Odyssey (X360), Bullet Witch (X360)]
  • Add old/new .xse [Lost Odyssey (X360), Mindjack (X360/PS3)]
  • Fix some .xwb with DSP [Blossom Tales (Switch)]

Works with foobar2000 v1.3 and newer


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